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Scottish Borders Knitwear Machinery development


We were approached by several of the leading Knitwear manufacturers in Hawick to source replacements for obsolete pressing equipment.


Joint development initiatives

We were approached by several of the leading Knitwear manufacturers in Hawick to source replacements for obsolete Pressing equipment but this proved impossible as nothing had been developed for this small but exclusive sector so we created a joint development initiative between the Macpi Group in Italy, ourselves and our Associates and several of the top names in the Cashmere & Lambswool Knitwear manufacturing industry all based in the Scottish Borders town of Hawick.

Macpi 314.41


Rising to the challenge, exceeding expectations 


Due to the decline in demand for traditional high quality Knitwear and the lack of investment in up dating machinery when the upturn came and the demand for innovative products made from Cashmere and fine quality Lambswool started to grow again the industry became painfully aware that its traditional methods needed updating, because direct replacement of obsolete machinery was impossible.

However it was essential to retain the traditional processes but also to ensure that the products were still finished to the highest quality standards.

So an approach was made to Mr Robin & Co resulting in a joint venture with Leading Knitwear Factories including Barrie Knitwear, Hawico, Johnsons of Elgin, Scott & Charters, and William Lockie. The Macpi Group in Italy the Hawick based K J Johnson Technical team.


The result of that collaboration is the Macpi Model 314.41 & the Macpi 225 10. By re engineering and updating the adjustment and process control elements of the original Paris Press a much less complicated but more effective model Macpi 314 .41 machine has been created to meet the customers brief, to the extent that every one of the top class manufacturers with factories in Hawick have invested and installed at least one of these machines.

Following on from that success Macpi have produced an upgraded replacement for the now obsolete Hofmman Flat Bed Press for Final Pressing ,this machine has a new multi programme controller and comes equipped with a soft close soft press device as standard device ,an intermediate Flapper Screen is also offered as an optional device, to provide a bottom steam only method of operation.

Briefs were agreed, prototypes were produced & tested with the final result being an all new range of Knitwear finishing equipment has now been delivered and installed and successfully operating in Hawick factories.

Knitwear First Finish & Sizing machine

The all New Macpi Model 314.41 is a replacement for the now obsolete Paris Press & has quickly established itself as the industry standard. Designed in collaboration with The Scottish Borders leading producers of high quality cashmere & lambswool Knitwear. The machine has rapid and easy adjustments to ensure correct sizing is achieved with a multi programme controller providing reliable quality control.

Hoffman Style large FlatBed Steam Press

Macpi Model 225.10 Hoffman Style Large FlatBed Steam Press for finishing knitwear and any other textile products that require pressing flat using steam & vacuum 

Fully programmable functions for steam vacuum & pressing pressures help to ensure more reliable quality standards, and improved productivity. It’s ergonomic design of tilting pressing bed improves operator vision and comfort and electronic safety systems give all round guarding, providing maximum safe operating conditions. The optional intermediate fabric screen (Pivot/Flapper Screen) allows for ultra soft pressing of delicate fabrics by using steam & vacuum without head pressure.

A new dimension to Knitwear finishing

The Macpi 314.41 brings a whole new dimension to Knitwear finishing . Precision pressing with quick and easy adjustment for length & width ensures better size control.
Programmable processing provides multiple options to maintain reliable, high quality standards. Simple handling provides the added benefit of increased production capacity.

Fabric Glazing or Bruising is eliminated

Fabric Glazing or Bruising is eliminated by using internal steam & air blowing . Capable of handling a wider range of styles and sizes the Macpi 314.41 comes with customised side expanders which can be changed quickly as and when required.

Small Hoffman Utility Press

Invaluable versatile machine for pressing garment parts of whole product finishing. Full manual operation with optional integral vacuum and fitted Steam Iron.


During the process of evaluating our ancillary manufacturing machinery and moving into our new factory premises, we found the team at Mr Robin & Co invaluable with the advice and assistance they were able to offer.  

Whether it be working on developing new machines to carry out important operations, or consulting on the correct machine capacity to carry out the work we required, their service was first class. 

Also the after sales service they offer was excellent, whether this is on the telephone or with regular factory visit’s . So often companies fall down in this area, but not so Mr Robin & Co.


Malcolm Grant, MD, Scott & Charters (Hawick)


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